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3 in 1 Digital LCD Temperature Humidity Meter – Indoor/Outdoor Room Thermometer Clock Hygrometer With Alarm Clock Imported HTC 1


The 3 in 1 Digital LCD Temperature Humidity Meter HTC 1 is an advanced device that allows you to measure temperature, humidity, and time accurately. This multifunctional tool is designed for indoor use and helps you to create a comfortable and healthy living environment.

A.A Garden Enterprises Coconut Fertilizer 500 Grams – Coconut Food For Plants


A.A Garden Enterprises Coconut Fertilizer this premium-quality fertilizer is made from 100% natural coconut and is suitable for all types of plants, including vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

The coconut used in this fertilizer is sourced from sustainable farms and processed to retain all the natural minerals and nutrients in coconut shells. The fertilizer is rich in essential plant nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are vital for the healthy growth of your plants.

A.A Garden Rose Fertilizer – Rose and Flower Food


A.A Garden Rose Fertilizer is a premium quality fertilizer designed specifically for roses and other flowering plants. This specialized fertilizer is formulated with a balanced blend of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as micronutrients such as iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Agronio Mycrop Coconut Food Fertilizer 1 Kg


Agronio Mycrop Coconut Food Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer formulated for coconut trees. It is a natural blend of macro and micronutrients that provide the essential elements needed for coconut trees’ healthy growth and development. This fertilizer is made from high-quality organic ingredients, making it safe and environmentally friendly.

Chelated Micro Nutrients For Plant 30 Grams Sachet


Chelated Micro Nutrients are essential for plants as they provide the necessary minerals for optimal growth and health. These nutrients are in a form that is easily absorbed by plants, making them more efficient than traditional fertilizers.

Cocopeat 1 Kg Bag With Free Gift | Seed Starter For Gardening And Plants


Cocopeat is an eco-friendly and versatile growing medium that offers exceptional water retention, aeration, and root support for a variety of plants. Cocopeat is the perfect choice. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, you’ll appreciate the benefits this product offers to your plants and your garden.

DAP Fertilizer 1 Kg Pack – Best Quality For Plants & Gardening


DAP Fertilizer is a type of nitrogen and phosphorus-based fertilizer widely used in the agricultural industry. It is a water-soluble fertilizer designed to give plants the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

Epsom Salt 500 Gram Pack – Natural Mineral Fertilizer (Pakistan Made)


Epsom Salt is a versatile and effective fertilizer that provides essential nutrients for plants and helps to promote healthy growth. Made from magnesium sulfate. This fertilizer is a natural mineral used for centuries to improve soil health and increase yields in gardens and farms.

One of the main benefits of Epsom Salt is its high magnesium content. Magnesium is essential for many plant processes, including photosynthesis, chlorophyll production, and seed germination. It also helps to improve the plant’s overall health. Resulting in stronger stems, better root development, and more abundant fruit and flowers.

FoxFarm Hydroponics Tiger Bloom Fertilizer (2-8-4) 1 Quart (USA Imported)


FoxFarm Hydroponics Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) 1 Quart is a powerful, high-quality fertilizer designed for use in hydroponic systems and traditional soil-based gardens. This potent formula is perfect for encouraging vibrant blooms and impressive yields, making it an essential tool for serious gardeners and growers.

Tiger Bloom is made from a unique blend of minerals and nutrients, including high levels of phosphorus and potassium, which promote healthy growth. The formula is also enriched with trace minerals, organic compounds, and other essential elements that help to improve nutrient uptake, boost plant health, and enhance overall performance.

FoxFarm Liquid Nutrients Set 1 Quart (Trio Pack of 3 Bottles) USA Imported


FoxFarm Liquid Hydroponics Nutrients Set 1 Quart is a complete solution for plants to achieve optimal growth and flowering. This set includes three formulas to provide a balanced blend of macro and micronutrients. Including organic components that enhance nutrient uptake and root development.

The three bottles in this set include. Grow Big is a high-nitrogen formula that promotes vegetative growth and enhances photosynthesis. Big Bloom is a natural and organic formula that provides essential nutrients for plant growth and flower development. Tiger Bloom is a potent, phosphorus-rich formula that supports abundant fruiting and flowering.