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Mustard Cake Fertilizer – Organic Fertilizer For Plant Growth and Healthy Roots

 500 2,000

Mustard Cake Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer that promotes healthy plant growth and strong root development, look no further than Mustard Cake Fertilizer. Made from the crushed seeds of the mustard plant, this fertilizer is an excellent source of nutrients that are essential for plant growth.

Neem Cake Fertilizer – Organic Soil Fertilizer For Plants (100% Organic)

 550 2,300

Neem Cake Fertilizer! This organic soil amendment is made from the residual matter of the neem tree and is packed with vital nutrients that will help your plants grow strong and healthy.

One of the standout features of Neem Cake Fertilizer is its natural pest-repelling abilities. Neem Cake Fertilizer also improves soil health by adding organic matter and promoting microbial activity. The result is improved soil structure, better water retention, and an environment perfect for plant growth.

Nitro Potash 500 Grams Pack – Fertilizer, Plant Nutrients and Herbicides


Nitro Potash Fertilizer is a high-quality fertilizer specially designed to provide plants with a concentrated source of nitrogen and potassium. This powerful combination of nutrients is essential for healthy plant growth. Increased yield and enhanced overall plant health.

Nitro Potash Fertilizer is a water-soluble fertilizer that is easy to apply and quick-acting. It is used for many plants, including vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, and turf. Mix the fertilizer with water. Apply it to the soil around the base of the plant, or use it as a foliar spray to apply directly to the leaves.

Organic Coconut Husk Chips 1 kg Pack (Imported)


Organic Coconut Husk Chips: these coconut husk chips are an excellent alternative to traditional potting soil and provide an eco-friendly solution for your gardening needs.

Coconut husk chips are perfect for various gardening applications, including potting, hydroponics, and soil amendment. They are naturally high in lignin and cellulose, providing excellent water retention and aeration, which helps promote healthy root growth.

Organic Rice Husk 50 Grams


Organic rice husk is a natural and sustainable material for gardening and agriculture. Organic rice husk is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials.

In gardening, organic rice husk can be used as a soil amendment to improve soil structure and fertility. It has a high porosity and provides aeration to the soil, which can help plants grow strong and healthy roots. Organic rice husk also helps to retain moisture in the soil, which reduces the need for frequent watering.

Organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer Down to Earth (Mix 4-8-4) (2.3 Kg) USA Imported


Down to Earth’s Organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer with a nutrient ratio of 4-8-4. This premium quality, all-natural fertilizer is formulated to provide balanced nutrition to flowering plants, promoting strong root development and healthy foliage. It is made from a blend of high-quality organic ingredients, including bone meal, feather meal, fishbone meal, langbeinite, alfalfa meal, and kelp meal.

The slow-release formula of this fertilizer ensures a consistent and long-lasting supply of essential nutrients to your plants, improving their overall health and vitality. It suits all flowering plants, including roses, bulbs, perennials, and annuals.

Down to Earth’s Organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer is easy to apply and safe for use around children and pets. Give your flowering plants the best possible care and watch them flourish with this top-quality organic fertilizer.

Organic Vegetable Garden Fertilizer Down to Earth 4-4-4 (2.3 Kg) USA Imported


Down to Earth 4-4-4 Vegetable Garden Fertilizer. This all-purpose fertilizer is specially formulated to provide the ideal balance of nutrients for your vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Made from all-natural, organic ingredients, Down to Earth 4-4-4 Vegetable Garden Fertilizer is a safe and effective choice for your garden. It contains a blend of fish bone meal, feather meal, alfalfa meal, greensand, langbeinite, and kelp meal, all of which work together to provide your plants with the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Organic Vermiculite For Plants and Gardening 100 Grams (USA Imported)


Organic Vermiculite is a natural mineral used in gardening soil amendment. Organic Vermiculite is widely used in potting mixes and garden soils. It helps to aerate the soil, improve drainage, and increase water retention, which promotes healthy root growth and better plant growth. Additionally, it is an excellent amendment for seed-starting mixes and can be used to store bulbs and tubers for the winter season.

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor and Indoor Fertilizer

 500 25,000

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food is a high-quality fertilizer designed to give your plants the essential nutrients they need to thrive. This unique fertilizer is formulated to gradually release nutrients for several months, ensuring that your plants receive a steady supply of nutrients without the risk of over-fertilization.

Overdrive Liquid Fertilizer Advanced Nutrients – 250 ML


Overdrive Liquid Fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients is a powerful bloom booster designed to help maximize your plant’s yield during the final weeks of the flowering phase. This formula contains a precise blend of essential nutrients, amino acids, and carbohydrates to help increase bud density and size and improve the overall quality and potency of your harvest.

Overdrive is made with high-quality ingredients and is compatible with various hydroponic systems and growing mediums. Whether growing in soil, coco coir, or a hydroponic setup, Overdrive is an excellent choice for any grower looking to maximize their yield and quality.

Peatmoss Black Gold With Perlite 1 Kg Bag Imported


Peatmoss Black Gold With Perlite is a premium potting soil designed to provide your plants with optimal growing conditions. This high-quality potting mix comprises carefully selected natural ingredients, including peat moss and perlite. That help to create an ideal growing environment for your plants.